Who needs a brand?

In short – every business.

In my previous blog I explained how every business needs to look good in order to build the right awareness amongst the right target audience before they can start creating loyal customers buy meeting and then honour its promises to build a good perception in said audiences minds….

However, not every business needs an absolute cast iron all singing all dancing watertight brand in order to attract the customers it wants.

Allow me to offer 2 examples:

The landscape gardener (we’ll call him Jeff) that has just been made redundant and decided to set up on his own does not need a super swanky brochure, a massive email campaign, or a set of detailed brand guidelines… at least not just yet.

In the first instance, Jeff just needs a cracking logo to present a friendly approachable tone, some good quality business cards, some flyers to drop around his local area, perhaps an advert for the local paper, and maybe a roller banner if he’s looking at doing some networking (which is a great way to generate solid business leads – come along with me to find out how)

Whereas the Director of a construction company (we’ll call her Susan) that is looking for big investments from high net worth individuals to fund some pretty hefty developments in London really does need to pull out the stops to impress the right people.

Susan will need a super corporate identity including things like: a logo, sales, brochure, some bespoke themed infographics and professional photography to go in the brochure, definitely some high quality business cards and, as they want to remain autonomous, they’ll need some detailed brand guidelines to make sure they don’t start to water down their shiny new brand.

So as you can see – there really is no plug and play solution to fit all businesses.

Here at Bobbyflash towers, our mantra is championing brands with design solutions for the real world… offering bespoke solutions to get businesses saying the right things bigger, better and bolder than anyone else.

If you are not sure what your business needs in order to be heard, then contact us on 01908 965 994 and we’d be happy help.