Staff avatars
Staff avatars
Staff avatars
Staff avatars and web banners

Digital avatars


The brief:
The National House Building Council (NHBC) wanted some avatars of members of staff for their internal online staff portal, to replace a mis-matched batch of headshots of varying degrees of quality.

The solution:
It was decided that illustrated avatars were the way forward and I suggested that a common look and feel should run through all avatars, recreating each ‘person’ with the same height and body proportions, to avoid upsetting any delicate psyche’s.

To save time, I started with some stock artwork purchased from an image library, and then heavy adapted it into caricatures of each staff member, using hairstyles and clothing to personalise each one to a particular person.

Some web banners were also created for the staff portal: again, for time saving purposes, some elements were purchased from image libraries and adapted to my own purposes.

Skills used

  • Illustration
  • Digital design
App design


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