Stronghold Property logo
Stronghold Property logo
Stronghold Property stationery
Stronghold Property brochure
Stronghold Property brochure
Stronghold Property brochure
Stronghold Property brochure
Stronghold Property brand guidelines

Stronghold Property


The brief:
Stronghold Property are a family run property development company that wanted a professional visual identity that would appeal to high net worth individuals and the man in the street alike, to be rolled out across printed and digital materials.

The solution:
With ‘Stronghold’ originating from the Late Middle English period and meaning, amongst other definitions, ‘home’, ‘…a special group or distinguished by a special quality’ and ‘a well fortified place’, I looked to the medieval age for inspiration, creating a crest to represent the family involvement in the business, as well as a sign of strength, reinforcing both the name and the quality of service on offer. Capping the logo off with a mix of modern serif and non serif fonts presents a professional but modern tone.

Detailed brand guidelines were produced, followed by stationery elements and an investors information pack: all executed in a bold, clean and uncluttered design using blocks of colour, bespoke infographics, and a healthy dose of white space.

Skills used:

  • Research
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Illustration
  • Design and layout
  • Design for Print
  • Print management
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